The Ancient precursor of Hell. This shadow, known as the Umbra shroud, has inhabited the caverns near the Pyre since the beginning of time. The Shroud, a collective hivemind, began to splinter off into smaller, sentient pieces called the Antumbra when Hell began to spawn new sentient life. This allowed them to mine the precious metals throughout the caverns of the Crucible.

As these shadows have mined the Crucible, they've become obsessed with decorated jewelry and artifacts. They've even created automatons to roam the mines and patrol for intruders.

Little is known of these shadows, though, they do not speak - at least to anyone living. But it is believed that they were the creators of the Pyre itself and Hell along with it.

Below a selection of powerful characters you can find in the deck of the Umbra.

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Original resident of Hell. First shadow of the Shroud. Little is known of its origin, but it stands alone from the rest of the Umbra shroud to serve as leader and defender.

Ancient texts speak of its potential to reach an extreme large size and dominating the battle field.

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Alloyed Construct

As their understanding of the world around them grew, the Umbra were able to create autonomous machines to do the work of one thousand Morsels. They’ve since served the dual role of Crucible Defender.

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A piece of the Umbra Shroud, blindly searching for pieces to consume and collect, returning them to the collective Shroud consciousness.

Gorgers come in a wide variety of forms but share their desire for morsels.

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Ember Forge

Both for light and construction, Forges were built throughout the Crucible, but the Shroud was soon mining faster than they could build forges. Penumbra tasked Morsels with their mobility, and while the technology was crude it created the first mobile engine known to Hell.

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Antumbra. Precursors of the souls of Hell. A fragment of the Umbra Shroud that seeks to return to the whole.

Morsels bring strange and powerful benefits for those who eat them.